Audits and audit preparation

We have experience in performing all types of audit engagements, including audits under Uniform Guidance. We stay up-to-date with the current audit requirements that apply to your organization and only use the most current technology to assist in performing your audit in an accurate and timely manner.

Additionally, we can assist you in preparing for your upcoming audit.

Your accounting staff may already have so much on their plate that adding the burden of managing your financial audit process might impair progress toward your goals. Often you may find that your team may not have the time or specific knowledge to pull together the documentation required by auditors. In such cases, Ocean Accounting is the one to turn to. We have an experienced team that can help you prepare for your annual audit as well as manage the audit process, giving back valuable time to you and your staff. Our audit preparation services will help you clear your audit with confidence. We understand the CPA lingo and are ready to teach you so that you can impress your auditors. We will also provide assistance in improving efficiencies, strengthening internal controls, and implementing best practices for your organization.

Over 25 years of audit experience in various types of industries. Specializing in non-profit audits with supplemental reports in compliance with government reporting standards and the Uniform Guidance.